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Please find below our Workers’ Compensation Claims (including all Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act Claims). If you are looking for our liability form for Liability Medicare Claims (including all Jones Act Matters) click here.

The form below will allow you to provide the requested information so that a team member can contact you regarding your inquiry and advise how to proceed. If the matter has previously been referred to Atlas Settlement Group for Medicare Compliance, please feel free to email Natalie Clark and request an update (a new referral will not be needed).

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Standard turn-around time for all products is 10 business days after the receipt of all file materials needed. Should you need a shorter turn-around time, please select the “Rush” option (on the form) and advise by what date the product will be needed. All time frames will be dependent upon the receipt of requested file materials.

Please do not provide any documentation at this time as materials needed will vary depending up service requested. Thus, Atlas will advise further upon receipt of the Referral Information above. Please note that the more information provided at the time of Referral, the faster the process can begin. Finally, if you have any questions regarding the services offered, please do not hesitate to call or email Natalie Clark directly.

Thank you for your kind referral and have a wonderful day.

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