Heather Killebrew
Bend, Oregon Office
320 SW Century Drive
Suite 405-395
Bend OR 97702
Phone: 949-233-8980
Email: Heather Killebrew

Long Beach, California Office
5318 E. 2nd Street
Suite 734
Long Beach, CA 90803
Phone: 949-233-8980
Email: Heather Killebrew

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Celebrating over 25 years in the insurance industry, Heather Killebrew has broad experience in structuring many types of claims including negligence, medical malpractice, product liability, aviation, sexual assault, habitability, professional negligence and attorney fees. She has also participated in high profile cases such as 9/11 and Pan Am/Lockerbie.

Heather has attended thousands of mediations across the country; meeting with all parties to guide them through the structured settlement process. She’s motivated by the mission to help people and her approach is to meet face-to-face whenever possible. As a breast cancer survivor, she has the unique ability to empathize with a well-informed perspective and helps plaintiffs and their families forge a path forward.

Before becoming a structured settlement consultant, Heather began her career in claims as the dedicated account representative for commercial national accounts handling high exposure cases across the country.

Heather holds a BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is an active member of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association and NSSTA Women’s Caucus. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.
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